Goodbye, Godzilla.

I wish whoever said, “May you live in interesting times” was alive today, to get a nice big gulp of his own advice. Fun fact: Does anyone remember it was a leap year? It had 29 days in February, 200 days in March, and five years in November. It can now [...]

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Blogging vs Blargging

According to the Urban Dictionary, the term “blarg” is one of those unique words that can mean anything you want it to. It reminds me of that well-known meme where a dog is trying to drink out of a high-pressure lawn sprinkler and the caption is "WHARRRRRGARBL." Thus, the word [...]

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If 2020 was a soufflé…

How's everyone doing? Are you managing to find the nuggets of good stuff hidden in this year's hazardous waste dump? I've picked up my rapidograph pens again and had fun doodling these cartoons, which I give to you in hopes it'll elicit a giggle or two. Please feel free to [...]

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Morning walks, Port Townsend

Mist, rain, chill, repeat, it’s Juneuary. Mossy roofs, rain gutters leaf-bulged, a smell of drowned earthworms, the slap of agglomerated raindrops under a maple tree, patter like white noise, chuckling drains and scalloped rain-waves on pavement. A ’42 Chevy in a shed, a deep-throated ship’s horn in the Strait. The [...]

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Time Slowing Down

Once, deep in an Alaskan winter in the abyss of a post-divorce-induced depression, I spent an entire Saturday sitting in the living room of my rented postwar cottage, rocking absentmindedly in a creaky chair, dog in my lap, staring through small frosted windowpanes at feathers of hoarfrost growing outward on [...]

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An oligarch walks into a bar…

…and the patrons immediately realize the danger and leave. I hope whoever says, “May you live in interesting times” is given the job of White House Tweet Control. Or perhaps Consigliere to the Attorney General. I’ll take boring times over these adrenalin-draining times any time. The stench horn of national [...]

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