Blogging vs Blargging

According to the Urban Dictionary, the term “blarg” is one of those unique words that can mean anything you want it to. It reminds me of that well-known meme where a dog is trying to drink out of a high-pressure lawn sprinkler and the caption is "WHARRRRRGARBL." Thus, the word blarg, which can be lengthened with more r's and g's depending on one's level of [...]

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Weltschmerz and Schadenfreude: Twin Horsemen of the Apocalypse

There are times when I want to flee into the wilderness to a place with no cell or internet service and stay there. This is one of them. There are also times where I try for a mood lift, maybe by drawing some cartoons skewering tone-deaf politicians. This is not one of them. But what the heck, here’s a cartoon I drew awhile back anyway. [...]

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If 2020 was a soufflé…

How's everyone doing? Are you managing to find the nuggets of good stuff hidden in this year's hazardous waste dump? I've picked up my rapidograph pens again and had fun doodling these cartoons, which I give to you in hopes it'll elicit a giggle or two. Please feel free to suggest more "If 2020 was a..." ideas in the comments. Meanwhile, be safe and stay [...]

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Morning walks, Port Townsend

Mist, rain, chill, repeat, it’s Juneuary. Mossy roofs, rain gutters leaf-bulged, a smell of drowned earthworms, the slap of agglomerated raindrops under a maple tree, patter like white noise, chuckling drains and scalloped rain-waves on pavement. A ’42 Chevy in a shed, a deep-throated ship’s horn in the Strait. The downwind glide of a seagull under the weight of wing-water, the heavy upwind gull-work of [...]

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Even My Outrage Fatigue Has Outrage Fatigue

We all know the basics because we just saw the video. Two security guards who worked together for years get into an altercation on the street: one is a police officer, white, and the other is a man, black. Four officers total, the black man handcuffed and prone, the white officer kneeling on his neck as he begs for air, a crowd begging them to [...]

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Spring is the Season of Life and Death

It always snows here at the end of April, big white drifts of cherry blossoms, like little spirits. Lower branches go first, then uppers, nodding at a teasing sou’easter as masses of pale corollae go slant-petaling down past grizzled treebark. You never see the moment of tremble and separate, you just see them fly. April is a time of flowering trees and daffodils. In May, [...]

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