On the water:

Musical fun:

Torch singer, hubba hubba!

I know this is jazz and not rock ‘n roll, but if Stephen King, Amy Tan, Dave Barry, Barbara Kingsolver and the other most august author-members of the Rock Bottom Remainders ever need another singer, please consider this my audition: 


Pen-and-ink drawing has been a lifelong interest, though lately, the written word holds more sway over my imagination. These are some of the endangered species wildlife illustrations from the two Book It! series I did in 1996 and 1997, plus one more of a little girl who was sitting on a trampoline grinning while the wind swept through her hair. In order, they are: Bengal tiger (India), black rhino (Africa), desert tortoise (US Southwest), goliath frog (Africa), yellow-faced bee on a silversword (Hawaii), and the little girl. (Copyrighted; use with permission only)