I’m a former ship captain, marine biologist, high school science teacher, and spokesperson for a federal agency who now writes fiction, memoir, satire, essays, articles and poetry. My work has been published in the Stonecoast Review, Wooden Boat, Seattle’s Post Alley, American Bungalow, The Belladonna Comedy, and others. I’ve authored more than 60 published articles on sailing, the sea, endangered species, social and environmental justice, memoir, and political satire. 

I am seeking representation for a novel about the generational effects of war, told in three lives lived at different times: a World War II soldier in North Africa, an art student in Paris and Milan in 1970, and an orphaned bibliokleptomaniac in New York at the start of the pandemic in 2020. Their lives intertwine upon discovery at a flea market of the soldier’s secret diary written in the margins of the novel Steppenwolf.


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